High Rise Apartments and Resorts


beFresh Carpet Care does a lot of work with different commercial and residential buildings that are several levels up. With the system developed by the Australian Carpet Cleaning Institute of Australia we obtain the same great results for penthouse apartments as we do for single story houses.

Some Carpet Cleaners will still say they can clean these carpets and use alternate machines or there back up machine which doesn't obtain the same results, we use the same system ensuring the same high standards every time.

Attention Property Managers - We can provide all the results you are looking for, it can be as easy as emailing us through out the day when you would like us to come. Keep your clients happy with a reliable, professional carpet cleaner. Pass on our contact details to your tenants and never find a sub-standard carpet waiting for your inspection.

beFresh works very hard building and maintaining a very good reputation of quality and professional service, you will find a partnership with beFresh is easy and very rewarding.