Are you insured?

Yes beFresh has Public Liability insurance and goods in control. Not only this we provide our own guarantee of 100% satisfaction.

Is it true that our carpets will stay cleaner longer?

Yes. The new technology that is used by beFresh has important anti-soiling properties which prevent rapid resoiling which is caused by detergents and soaps left behind by other systems. With our system your carpets will be softer, fresher and stay cleaner longer.

How long will it take for my carpets to dry?

Not only do we deliver the best results, but because we are using the latest technology which is environmentally friendly your carpets will dry in 1-2 hours and you will be able to walk on them straight away.

What if I do the Vacuuming?

This question is often asked, absolutely vacuum prior to our arrival. However we use an industrial vacuum with anti allergy and hospital grade filters, so we will still vacuum to ensure we receive maximum results.

Will you move the furniture?

Our technicians will move portable items including lounge suites, chairs, coffee tables and beds on casters. They will not move breakable items or electrical equipment. To help we do ask that you remove anything that you can such as toys, lamps, pot plants etc.

How often should I clean my carpets?

Put simple, with the latest technology used by beFresh you can’t clean your carpets too often. It varies depending on how the carpets are used and how fresh and clean you would like them to look and feel. We do however recommend that they are cleaned at least every 12months.