A High quality carpet is a major investment and a major statement about the way you operate and do business. It is important to protect and prolong this investment by ensuring it is maintained properly.

beFresh Carpet Care uses the latest technology for commercial and high-rise cleaning, meaning we get the same outstanding results on the ground floor as the 28th floor. This technology involves a low moisture method of trapping the soil particles in suspension, drying it to a crystal, and then vacuuming soils away.

The system addresses many of the problems associated with commercial carpet care. Leaving your carpets Brighter, softer and fresher for longer.

A planned and implemented Sustainable Maintenance program is the key to ensuring maximum life of your carpets. Don't wait until your carpets are overly soiled to get them cleaned as this will actually reduce the life of your carpets.

beFresh Carpet Care Cleaning complies with health, safety and environmental legislation and exceeds Australian Standards (AS3733 -1995) guidelines.